From latin means “lie or swidle perpetrated with good intantion”          In its 33 years of existence, Pia Fraus has produced dozens of shows, presenting in 23 different countries in the main national festivals and Theater.

The diversity of knowledge of its actors (theater, dance, theater of puppets and masks, circus and visual arts) definied the company’s line of working: developing a language that could integrate dramatically each of these areas, building a repertoire with very particular characteristics, seeking the integration of the resources of the theater of animation with those of other languages

Non – linearity, low use of the word, the power of images, the work with puppets and actors and masks are the elements that characterize the work of the company and are present in all their assemblies. In its 33 years of existence, Pia Fraus produced 23 shows, presenting in nearly all Brazilian states and 23 different countries, participating in national and international festivals of theater.

The group already had been visited countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, United States, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, France, Belgium, England, Scotland, India, East Timor, Netherlands, Ecuador, Slovenia, Russia, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Nowadays, the group has in its active repertoire 6 shows: ANIMALS OF BRAZIL, AIR GIANTS, ANIMALS OF THE AMAZON, WHALE CIRCLE, THE LAST TREE e THE CATTLE TENDER AND ANIMAL FROXO.

Throughout these years, if it has characterized for working with directors as Naum Alves de Souza, Hugo Possolo, Osvaldo Gabrieli, Francisco Medeiros, Carla Candiotto, Marcia Abujamra, Ione Medeiros, Wanderlei Piras, Adriana Telg among others, also carrying through experiences of co – production and participation as in BABEL BUM (1994/1995), with group XPTO and Circus Symphony (1996), with the Acrobatic Fratelli and the Experimental Orchestra of Repertoire under the regency of the Jamil teacher Maluf and TERRA PAPAGALIS (2010) with The Ballet of the City of São Paulo.

Since 2002 it has made partnerships with the Parlapatões group, that had resulted in the spectacles Wheel Cloth (2002), itinerate project sponsored by Petrobra’s (of which also it was part the There Minimum group), Hércules (2006) and the Circus Brazil wheel – with spectacles Stapafurdio (2006) and Ocean (2008).